Steve Jinks

Aaron Ashmore

Former ATF agent Steve Jinks was brought into the Warehouse team by Mrs. Frederic. He was originally intended to be Myka's replacement, but upon her return, he partnered with Claudia and is often sent into the field. Steve – a gay buddhist – has the uncanny ability to tell when someone is lying, no matter how skilled at deception they are.

About Aaron Ashmore

Aaron Ashmore is a Canadian film and television actor best known for his recurring role as Jimmy Olsen in the hit series Smallville. Prior to joining Warehouse 13, Ashmore had recurring guest starring roles in the action series XIII with Stuart Townsend, and on the USA Network series In Plain Sight. Other guest starring roles include Fringe, The Listener and The Bridge.  Ashmore had regular roles in Veronica Mars, Lost Girl and as Colin McNeil in 1-800-Missing starring Vivica A. Fox.  On the big screen, Ashmore was in the film Servitude and Conception.  He's also starred in The Shrine, Palo Alto and Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story in addition to lead roles alongside Ellen Burstyn and Ellen Page in Stone Angel and My Brother's Keeper.