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End of the World
Season 1 - Episode 10
End of the World

You can turn a blind eye to the truth, but the world is going to end one day - the real question is, How?

A Bunker with a View

We hope you've been pinching your pennies, because you're going to have to pay up if you want to ride out the end of the world in style in one of Robert Vicino's luxury underground bunkers. Equipped with the comforts of home and enough food to feed 1,000 people for an entire year, there is no better way to ride out the apocalypse without skimping on amenities. But what horror will have you seeking out this subterranean shelter? Yellowstone is going to erupt in a big way - don't act surprised the Mayans gave us plenty of warning!

The Earth is no stranger to devastating super volcanoes, and according to some (misguided) calculations the Earth is overdue to be covered in ash and hurtled into an instant ice age. Unfortunately, Yellowstone's chief biologist, Jake Lowenstern, has some good news for these criers of the apocalypse. Most volcanos can only produce eruptions worthy of the "super" title once or twice in their lifecycle making Yellowstone anything but overdue. Furthermore, thanks to the consistent and gradual release of pressure through geyser's like "Old Faithful" Yellowstone is constantly maintaining equilibrium and is far from reaching explosive status.

Solar Flare or Superhighway?

While extinction at the hand of a super volcano might sound like an exciting way to bite the dust, Astronomer Nassim Harramein has concocted an idea so spectacular, it's a shame that it's utterly ridiculous. Harramein has recorded enormous objects - about the same size as the Earth, itself - crashing into our sun with solar flares arising on impact. A large enough solar flare would disrupt the earth's electromagnetic field to such an extent that all modern technology could be rendered useless in its wake. While the planet has withstood similar events in the past, the contemporary reliance on electricity would leave us helpless and unprepared in a modern day stone age if we were to be knocked off of the grid by the very celestial body that sustains all life on this planet.

But the solar flare is only the cosmic litter of what Harramein believes to be a highly advanced alien civilization. Yes, he purports that the end of life as we know it would merely be the byproduct of planet-sized ships intentionally piloting a course directly towards the center of the sun. It doesn't take too much imagination to interpret a star such as the one the earth orbits as an incredible, nearly inexhaustible source of energy. And Harramein is convinced that an advanced species has developed a technology that enables them to use the energy resulting from impact with the sun to teleport to the furthest reaches of the universe. And when you're operating on that scale the extinction of an entire race of sentient beings on one small planet is just collateral damage.

Resistance Is Futile

But what if the greatest threat to life as we know it is neither natural nor extra-terrestrial? What is we are the engineers of our own demise? Noted engineer Ray Kurzweil insists that Robot Intelligence will surpass human level by the year 2029. But, rather than anticipating a terminator style annihilation, Kurzweil believes that biological humans will have completely synthesized with technology by the year 2045 in an event dubbed "The Singularity." He insists that this radical reinterpretation of the human condition will alter our biology rather than our humanity, elevating us to levels of ability and intellect unachievable under natural constraints.

Of course there are still plenty who are confident that robot overlords will one day ruled or eliminate all life on earth, but Kurzweil's option sounds a bit more hopeful (and a bit more weird. Or what!)

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