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Parallel Worlds
Season 1 - Episode 4
Parallel Worlds

Ever feel like the world is not enough? Well, you're not alone! Take William Shatner's hand, click your heels three times, and say "Beam me up Scotty" because this episode of Weird of What isn't just out of this world, it's out of this dimension!

No Shadow of a Doubt

Throughout almost all of human history, people have reported harrowing run-ins with mysterious, shadowy figures. Though the witnesses describe their encounters as meetings with beings from another plane, psychologists like Christopher French think that there is a more earthly explanation.

Humans are prone to seeing faces and figures within the abstract patterns of the natural world. If you've ever found shapes in the clouds or thought that the back of a car looked like it was smiling at you, then you too have indulged in this tendency. Evolutionarily, this vain appreciation of the human form, was a protective failsafe for those moments when it was better to be safe than sorry.

Representing for the crazy camp, Philip Imbrogno believes that the gravitational pull of the sun should literally rip the earth apart. Luckily for us, our friends on the other side are filtering these so-called powerful gravitons into another dimension, keeping us safe so that they may one day visit and extend their friendship. Hey, the show wouldn't be called Weird or What if it weren't!

Now You See Me, Now -

For those who like their paranormal experiences a bit less passive, there's always the case of teleportation. Whether you believe the government is keeping this technology under lock and key, or that those who teleport are actually entering a parallel universe in which they encounter their doppelganger, the most fascinating reports regarding teleportation come from scientists like Dr. Raymond Laflamme, Director of the Institute for Quantum Computing.

Fascinatingly enough, hard science supports the notion of instant travel, possibly even between dimensions. Unfortunately, you must be *this* small to ride. According to Laflamme, discreet bundles of quantum information may indeed, for lack of a better term, teleport. Harnessing this power would allow us to communicate securely and instantaneously across time and space! And while it may not be a B-movie plot device, it's pretty damn impressive!

The Conundrum of the Crystal Skull

If you're a fan of Harrison Ford, you probably already know that true Crystal Skulls are alien relics that can be used to travel between dimensions. Unfortunately, all of the quartz craniums that have been "unearthed" so far have been proven to be hoaxes. Even though it is known that quartz can vibrate on multiple frequencies, a trait that has been exploited for modern radio communication, the temptation to think that the Crystal Skulls currently in human possession can resonate on multiple dimension, at least for now, must be resisted.

But while we wait for our alien overlords to elevate us to our deserved, divine status, we'll always have wormholes to fall back on. With experts like Dr. Paul Stevenson of the University of Surry claiming that linked sister black holes could plausibly create a wormhole capable of instant and infinite travel, there is hope yet that we will all get to live in a future that is even more Weird or What!

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