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Paranormal Mysteries
Season 1 - Episode 6
Paranormal Mysteries

While we've tackled the great beyond here on Weird or What in the past, tonight's episode asks just what's going on when the messages we receive from the other side are none too friendly, indeed.

A Haunting in San Pedro

After receiving reports of an aggressive haunting in a San Pedro residence, two paranormal investigators are assaulted by a malevolent spirit. After being thrown against attic walls and strung up from the ceiling in a noose, the experts advised Jackie, the homeowner, to move as far as she could from her desecrated domicile. Shockingly, paranormal incidents continue to follow Jackie, leading psychic experts to conclude that the disturbance was centered around Jackie, herself.

Professor of entertaiment and technology John Huntington, however, believes that Infrasound is the true culprit in this mysterious case. Infrasound waves are mute to the human ear, yet still have a very real physical frequency that can interfere with the environment, including one's eyeballs, causing headaches, nausea, and even hallucinations. Ghost or not, this case sure is Weird or What!

The Exorcism of Patricia Redding

In 1992, Patricia Redding began to hear demonic voices and find unexplained bruises all over her body. After she lashed out at friends and family alike, her bishop finally intervened with an exorcism. Though Patricia's symptoms were temporarily relieved, such episodes continued to plague her until she died of cancer in 2005, 16 exorcisms later.

Though the notion of demonic possession has been an enduring one throughout human history, Psychologists like Dr. Christopher Rosik are confident that this phenomenon is simply a theological explanation for Dissociative Identity Disorder – or split personalities. Usually survivors of a buried, traumatic event in their past, sufferers of D.I.D. cope with the mental strain by creating a second personality that retains the experience while presenting a cheerful exterior persona. Demons or not, Patricia's fate is certainly not an enviable one.

Fae Sees Dead People

A British Pre-teen, Fay Jackson, was initially terrified when she began to see ghosts in her bedroom at night. However with her mother's support and the guidance of a local medium, Fay has learned to embrace her gift and her supposed ability to commune with the spirit realm.

Author Caron Goode has written of the propensity of children to develop a 6th sense that is often lost when logic and skepticism tarnish the mind against the unknown. Others, like psychic consultant Jack Rourke, believe that this so-called 6th sense is merely the product of over-coddling, explaining that a child will continue to report paranormal experiences so long as the behavior continues to elicit positive rewards. Others still wonder if some people are simple born with a physiological advantage and the ability to see a spectrum wholly unavailable to the bulk of the population. So open your eyes, and abandon all logic, and you too may be able to speak with the dead.

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