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Ancient Mysteries
Season 1 - Episode 9
Ancient Mysteries

If you're looking to get to root of everything Weird or What in the universe, you're going to have to look further than the fleeting span of human history, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few worthwhile mysteries at the beginning of our timeline.

Star Child

A child in the Mexican countryside discovered a human corpse along with a strangely shaped skull. The skull eventually made its way into the menagerie of Researcher Lloyd Pyle, who is convinced that the bulbous hunk of bone is anything but human. Due to its small stature and the nurturing posture of the human remains found with the skull, Lloyd has taken to calling the creature that it once belonged to the Star Child. He believes that that the bone density, molecular composition and texture, not to mention its strange shape, suggest a human-alien hybrid - perhaps the result of a union with a human woman and a crash landed man from among the stars.

Anthropologists, however, have a much more down to earth explanation. They posit that the Central American tradition of toting around infants on cradle boards is to blame for the skull's misshapen attributes. Cradle boarding binds the child against a flat wooden board that rests on the parents back while they attend to agrarian tasks. The pressure that this places against the back of the infant's skull has been known to encourage abnormal development of the skull, resulting a "cone head" effect. It doesn't sound pleasant, but at least it's plausible!

Walking with Dinosaurs

After an archaeologist found an ancient stone depicting creatures that can only be described as dinosaurs, similar discoveries began cropping up around the globe suggesting that perhaps we had severely misdated the fossil record. Could humans and dinosaurs have coexisted? Or were our forebears simply gifted paleontologists?

As it turns out, such stones are easily replicated using simple, modern methods as proved by Weird or What's resident artist, Justine McGrath. But what if even one stone was authentic? Would we need to rewrite history? It is known that the ancient Greeks discovered dinosaur bones in their time, however they attributed them to giants, heroes, and other mythical beasts. Which civilization had the knowledge and curiosity to correctly interpret the fossil record?

Andy Lloyd giddily explains that only one civilization could have been advanced and thoughtful enough to impart this knowledge upon the world - Atlantis. While it's pretty clear that we've never lived like Fred Flintstone, we may not have been the first to discover the primordial world of giant reptiles hidden under millennia of terrestrial history.

Fly Like an Egyptian

A small model of a bird found in an Egyptian tomb seemed almost too aerodynamic to simply be a toy or statue. Thus, certain anthropologists have concluded that the figure represents a model of ancient glider technology - perhaps the pyramids were built as launch pads for the pharoh's personal private glider. Despite it's almost flight-worthy frame, replicas of the bird figure have proven to be completely incapable of flight, the largest obstacle being a vertical tail fin considering both birds and planes employ horizontally aligned tails. Instead, it was likely that the vertical tail was meant to catch the wind, making the bird a neat little weather vane. That wasn't so Weird or What after all!

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