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Wynonna Earp News

Earpapalooza - First U.S. Wynonna Earp Convention!

Jul 19 - 6:11pm

The first U.S. Wynonna Earp fan convention is coming to Minneapolis this year!  

SYFY Salutes: Wynonna Earp For Women's History Month

Mar 29 - 5:12pm

Lions and tigers and bears, oh shit. Wynonna Earp says the darndest things.

Wynonna Earp Casts Chantel Riley for Season 3

Mar 15 - 4:51pm

Attention Earpers! There's a new character in town and her name is Kate!

Have a #WayHaught Valentine's Day!

Feb 13 - 4:21pm

Here's 14 reasons why we're celebrating Waverly and Nicole's love today and always.

Meet Mama Earp!

Feb 5 - 9:19am

The cursed Earp ancestry is rooted in gunslinging and bad (usually whiskey-fueled) decisions but shrouded in mystery. We know quite a bit about Wyatt, the sheriff and town marshall who took part in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, and who may have dabbled in demon-hunting.

Good News: Wynonna Earp is a 2018 GLAAD Nominee!

Jan 23 - 12:18pm

This is #WayHaught, #WayExciting, and #WayAwesome news!

The New York Times Just Confirmed Your Deepest Suspicion...

Dec 5 - 3:17pm

Is it warm in here?  No, it's WayHaught!  Yesterday a New York Times article confirmed what Earpers have known forever—Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught are the one of the most popular TV pairings of the...

Did Captain Kirk Sign Xena Up For Mama Earp Duty?

Sep 14 - 4:57pm


Let's talk about last night. Last night in which one William Shatner (AKA Captain Kirk, AKA T.J. Hooker, AKA Twitter Savant) wingman-ed Wynonna Earp Showrunner Emily Andras, (AKA Our Lord and Savior), in her quest to lock down the perfect Mama Earp casting. It all started with Mr....