For Season 3
Returns Later This Year

Wynonna Earp Episodes


While Waverly's change accelerates and Doc makes a dangerous deal, Wynonna must fight spider creatures. Yep.

Wynonna tries to rescue a seemingly mutated Dolls, while there may be more to Waverly than meets the eye.


It's Earp vs. Earp in a final showdown and the fate of basically everything is at stake.

Bobo hatches his final revenge, while a surprising alliance changes everything.

While two sexy Revenants raise hell (literally), Willa Earp finds she may be a bit too comfortable with a gun.

When Wynonna and Dolls infiltrate a cult, they get the shock of the season.

What's more important to Wynonna: Ending the curse, or saving Doc Holliday?

Wynonna faces the last of the Seven, but her mind may not survive the experience.

It's the Earp sisters vs. 100-year-old, pissed off witch. Who’s taking bets?

While Dolls' secret is revealed and Waverly makes a bold move, Wynonna must face off against a family of demons.