16 Things You Need to Know about 12 Monkeys Season 2

Friday, March 11, 2016 - 12:02

Here's everything you need to know - well, 16 super important things you need to know - about the new season.

1. To replace the book store setting that was destroyed thanks to a paradox in Season 1, the 12 Monkeys gang will begin making a hotel suite they buy out in the 1940s their central base of operations.

2. According to Terry Matalas, the co-showrunner,  the first episode of Season 2 will have a tease to the Season 2 finale, the last minute of which was known before any of the first episodes were written.

3. The twelve blue men from the end of Season 1 have been officially dubbed "The Messengers."

4. Emily Hampshire says that "you will actually see a sane Jennifer, at one point. I can't tell you exactly how that happens or how long it will last, but that will happen this year." You'll also see more of "old Jennifer" in the future.

5. You'll get to see more of Dr. Jones' back-story this season.

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