12 Monkeys Timeline

Season 1

Welcome to Season 1

We get it. Time travel can be confusing, so here's a timeline that features ALL the Season 1 time jumps, to help you keep track.


Ramse arrives from the future to ensure the virus’ release, and Cole follows him to stop him. A wounded Cole jumps back to the future, but Ramse is thrown in jail. (Episode #11)


Olivia and the Army of the 12 Monkeys release Ramse from prison. Using his knowledge of the future, they amass huge wealth. (Episode #11)

Kim Jong, Oh!

Cole accidentally jumps to North Korea. (Episode #2)


Olivia and Ramse fund the manufacturing of the virus with the Markridge Group. Despite knowing this will kill billions, Ramse goes through with it as the creation of the virus is the only way to ensure the future where his son comes into existence. (Episode #11)


Jennifer Goines first visits the Night Room, the lab that houses the virus. (Episode #5)


Cole, in his first time jump, arrives from 2043 and tells Cassandra he needs her help in stopping a virus. (Episode #1)


Cole travels to Haiti to interrogate Cassandra's colleague, Henri, who may know the location of the Night Room, where the virus is held. (Episode #3)

Isn't It Ironic?

Cole, with Cassandra by his side, kills Dr. Leland Goines in hopes of stopping the virus. It doesn’t work and Cole realizes he must continue his time travels to stop the virus. (Episode #1)


Thanks to information learned in his travels to 2014, Cole and Cassandra track the location of the virus to the Night Room, where Jennifer Goines is being held. (Episode #5)


After Cassandra dies and an alternative timeline is created, Cole travels back to moments before her death in order to prevent it and preserve the timeline. (Episode #6)

Life is But a Dream

Cole arrives from seven days in the future, where he learned from Cassandra about Operation: Troy, a covert military mission where the virus is released. Cole seemingly dies in an explosion. (Episode #7)



Seven days later, Cole visits Cassandra and Aaron to learn the location of Operation: Troy (where the virus was spread). He learns the virus was deployed seven days earlier. To Cole, this is new information and he travels seven days to the past to stop the virus. Cassandra, however, remembers Cole arriving - and seemingly dying - seven days earlier. To preserve the timeline and ensure Cole successfully stops the virus, she must give him Operation: Troy's location and send him to his death. (Episode #7)

Boom, Like an 808

Cole, weak from several time jumps, nearly dies. Cassandra and a 2015 Dr. Jones save him using DNA from the 2015 Cole, who is five years old. It works - and Cole takes down the Pallid Man in the process. (Episode #12)


Assuming Ramse is the Witness – the head of the Army of the 12 Monkeys – Cassandra and Cole try to stop him. They learn he’s not, but Cassandra is shot. Cole sends her to the future to save her. (Episode #13) 


Twelve children – the future Army of the 12 Monkeys – are born into Olivia's care. (Episode #13)


Cole finds himself in Chechnya after the Operation: Troy explosion from Episode #7 (he didn't die, just jumped to the future). However, in the future the virus has been released by some other means. (Episode #8)


Cole tracks down a dying Cassandra. She gives him an address before he travels back to 2043 and she succumbs to the virus. (Episode #9)


Dr. Jones leaves Spearhead (a Quarantined, protected space) for Project Splinter, where she would build the time machine in order to stop the virus. (Episode #8)


Ramse leaves Elena, not knowing he impregnanted her. (Revealed in Episode #8)


After identifying Leland Goines as the potential engineer of the virus, Cole undergoes his inaugural time leap to stop its creation. (Episode #1)

Say No to West VII?

Cole arrives from two days in the future, where he realizes he inadvertently caused the West 7 invasion two days later. He bides his time for two days and uses the knowledge to help his two-days-in-the-future self defeat the West 7. (Episode #4)


Cole arrives from his 2014 journey. The West 7 - a group of violent scavengers he used to run with - attack. He tries to fight them off and leaps back two days in the past. Just as Cole travels back to the past, the version of him FROM two days earlier helps defeat the West 7. (Episode #4)

Trading Places

Ramse learns he has a son. He realizes stopping the virus will ensure his son never existed, so he travels back to the past (1987 - see that entry) to ensure the virus IS released. (Episode #10)


Cassandra, having just been shot, arrives from 2015 (Cole having sent her to the future to save her) to find The Army of the 12 Monkeys has taken over the facility. (Episode #13)