We're live-tweeting Arrow's Season 3 premiere

It's funny to think that, in a world rife with comic book stories transitioning to TV, Arrow is something of a cagey veteran. When it premiered in 2012, there was no guarantee that this dark, gritty take on Green Arrow would have legs, but here we are two seasons in, and the show has shaped up to be one of the most exciting efforts out there for fans of superhero action. What's more, the past season saw it more and more embrace its roots, introducing more characters from the canon and generally giving fans all kinds of service that would have seemed, at the least, highly unlikely on a mainstream TV network only a few years ago.

Season 3 kicks off tonight, and we're celebrating with a live-tweet of the east coast broadcast. Come join us at @syfywire and let us know what you think about Oliver Queen's return, where the show's universe is headed, and where you'd like to see it go.