Star Trek: Discovery gets September premiere date, first season to be split

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Jun 19, 2017

The first new Star Trek TV series to launch since 2001 finally has a lift-off date...or, actually, two or three of them.

CBS-TV has at last unveiled the premiere date for the long-delayed new series Star Trek: Discovery, the first all-new Trek TV show since Enterprise blasted off in September 2001 and crashed to Earth in May 2005. But as with everything seemingly associated with this new show, it's a little complicated.

Deadline reports that Discovery will premiere on the CBS broadcast network on Sunday, September 24, from 8:30-9:30 p.m. Both the first and second episodes will be available on the CBS All Access streaming platform the same night, right after the broadcast premiere, while new segments will begin rolling out the following Sunday -- and every subsequent Sunday -- only via All Access.

With the show recently expanded from 13 episodes to 15, the season has also been split into two parts. The first half will end with Episode 8 on November 5, then the second half will pick up with a mid-season premiere sometime in January 2018. While that loosely follows the window for a typical winter/holiday break, it's also a bit longer than usual and is apparently intended to allow the show more time for post-production on the back seven episodes.

A long break for a new show that is primarily running on a streaming service -- and not an especially popular one like Netflix or Hulu -- sounds kind of risky, but Discovery has been dancing on the edge of chaos almost since it was first announced. A change in showrunners, delays in casting and production, and a constantly shifting premiere date (it was first pegged to arrive last January) have contributed to the controversy surrounding the show, along with a divisive trailer and the decision to keep it mostly away from the flagship broadcast network.

But we'll finally find out if all the brouhaha was worth it when Star Trek: Discovery warps out of spacedock on September 24. Will you be tuning in?

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