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This shocking sci-fi short just might ruin your lunch

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Jun 27, 2017, 6:34 PM EDT (Updated)

Having attended film school at Loyola Marymount University and acted as a selections committee member for the Bend Film Festival in Oregon, I've seen a short or two in my time. An effective short film must have all the hallmarks of a feature film, with correct story beats, narrative flow, competent camerawork and performances all adding up to a complete miniature movie.

Many aspiring directors put together a show reel consisting of one or several short films to demonstrate their ability to tell a coherent story in less than 30 minutes ... not such a simple task.

Here's a killer 14-minute sci-fi short by Spanish director Javier Chillon, titled They Will All Die in Space, that is an exceptional example of the short film form, filled with fluid camerawork, stark black-and-white cinematography, actors invested in the material, brood music and an unappetizing twist on a familiar trope in outer-space movies.

Sure, it contains hints of Morten Tyldum's Passengers and Christian Alvart's totally underrated Pandorum and most every sci-fi flick with cryo-chamber mishap melodrama, but the finale is still revolting. Shot using the fantastic RED digital camera, it's gorgeous to watch, even when the horrifying mystery unfolds. Extra applause for the beautiful colony ship, Tantalus, in all its massive interstellar glory! Don't be surprised to see Chillon get an indie feature in the near future.

(Via io9)