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Director Chris Miller invokes the spirit of Han Solo in humorous Tweet

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Jun 28, 2017, 2:07 PM EDT (Updated)

Sometimes when life tosses you a curve ball the best plan of attack is to swing away. As the smoke begins to clear over the debacle of The Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller being given the heave-ho on Lucasfilm's Han Solo film due to creative differences, one member of the filmmaking duo has struck comedic gold with his response to the situation. Taking to social media yesterday, Miller lobbed a laugh bomb when he responded to the unfortunate affair of being yanked from the director's chair after six months of filming with a hilarious message that Star Wars fans will instantly recognize:

The reference is from the scene in the Death Star's detention center in Star Wars: A New Hope while Han is having a "boring conversation" with a commander over the intercom and trying to play it cool by tossing out some conflicting reasons for stormtroopers and officers to stay away while Luke searches for Princess Leia's cell.

Miller's way of dealing with his and Phil Lord's removal from the project is classic, and I'm sure they'll soon be whisked away into another production more suited to their talents. Director Ron Howard has been hired to pick up the pieces and captain the Han Solo film for Kathleen Kennedy and Lawrence Kasdan when cameras roll again at Pinewood Studios starting next month.

What do you think of Miller's funny remark, and are you sad the creative team has been given the hook?

(Via Deadline)