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Watch Andy Serkis emerge as Caesar in new War for the Planet of the Apes clip

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Jun 30, 2017, 3:39 PM EDT (Updated)

Andy Serkis has taken motion-capture performance to the level of fine art, and his work in Matt Reeves' War for the Planet of the Apes eclipses even his previous stellar efforts in the Apes Saga.

A revealing new video from 20th Century Fox showcases Serkis performing a scene from the film wired up with his special gear, then morphing into the compelling face of Caesar in a seamless transformation. Over the years, the artists and technicians at Weta Digital have been fine-tuning the technology and techniques behind the mo-cap process, and as you can see in the clip below, they've conjured up some mighty cinematic magic.

Have a look at Serkis in character as the charismatic sentient ape, and tell us if you're impressed with the actor's astounding craft. War for the Planet of the Apes attacks July 14.

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