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Sharlto Copley plays the Great Creator in new Neill Blomkamp short, God: Serengeti

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Jul 7, 2017, 8:10 PM EDT

Director Neill Blomkamp is obviously having a blast creating test-lab shorts for his newly formed cinematic idea incubator, Oats Studios.

The first two, Rakka and Firebase, displayed a genuine affection for the sci-fi horror subgenre, and I believe this is some of his best work since the South African-born filmmaker broke out with 2009's District 9.

Blomkamp has taken the shroud off his newest Oats Studios creation, with pal Sharlto Copley portraying the Great Creator in a film titled God: Serengeti.

It's much shorter than the previous projects, clocking in at just four minutes, but it carries a far lighter tone, with Copley acting as The Maker while casually manipulating a tribe of cave-dwellers on the plains of Africa.

I'd happily shell out my hard-earned cash to sit in a theater and watch a whole collection of these Blomkamp shorts. I truly think, in some fortuitous twist of fate, that his Alien 5 project being snuffed out was the best thing that ever happened to his career. Bravo, Blomkamp! Please keep these killer shorts rolling!

Have a look at God: Serengeti below, and tell us which of the three films you've enjoyed most. The next online short, Zygote, invades on July 12.

(via Geek Tyrant)