Blade: 5 Things to Know

Monday, October 10, 2016 - 07:00

Blade - Airs Monday, October 10 at 2:30pm EST

Here's 5 whole facts about the half vampire, half human we've revered for nearly 20 years.

1. Sure, now we can't see Blade any other way, but before Wesley was cast, studio execs were also eyeing the likes of Denzel Washington, Laurence Fishburne and LL Cool J for the role. We like our Blade and Morpheus just the way that they are, thank you very much.


2. Speaking of corporate parents, it took FIVE years (and a bunch of meetings) for Blade to finally go into production.

3. It ain't a Marvel movie without a Stan Lee appearance, and he actually did show up in Blade, playing one of the cops who rushes into the nightclub scene. But ultimately, Stan the man's cameo was cut from the final edit of the movie. Womp.

4. When Blade was shown to test audiences, the audience panned the ending, so the studio rushed to make a new one. The original ending showed Frost turning into La Marga and transforming into a large swirling tornado of blood. You can still catch this alternate ending as a special feature included in the DVD.

5. Wesley Snipes was born - or at least trained - to be Blade. He's been practicing martial arts since he was 12.