Devil's Rejects: 5 Things to Know

Thursday, October 13, 2016 - 07:00
The Devil's Rejects - Airs Thursday at 3pm EST 

Name a better trinity? Otis, Baby and Capt. Spaulding. Also? Here's five other reasons why you shouldn't reject (see what we did there?) watching this movie, in all its gory glory. 
1. It's full of curse words and who doesn't like curse words? According to sources, the word "f#ck" and its variations are used 560 times in this film. F#ck yeah!

2. It features horror movie royalty. P.J. Soles, who was in the original Halloween (she was 1/2 of the couple featured and killed in infamous make out scene at the Myers house) makes a cameo! 
3. This is an award winning film. Rejects won Most Vile Villain(s) and Best Horror Movie at the 2006 Scream Awards. This is important and impressive. 
4. The actors filmed for 30 days in the heat of the California sun to bring you quality horror and the illusion of Texas. You owe it to them to watch this, team. 

5. Bill Moseley (Capt. Spaulding) shaved his head for the film. That's commitment, team, just for YOU, the viewing public!