The Strangers: 5 Things You Should Know

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 07:00
The Strangers - Airs Tuesday, October 25 at 7/6c
The Strangers is all about— well, strangers. But here's a way to acquaint yourself the movie - fun facts, gang!
1. Before filming any of the scenes where the couple was being terrorized by "the strangers", Liv Tyler would run laps, do jumping jacks and other physical activities to get the panicky feeling that her character would be experiencing seem authentic. That's so method, Liv. We respect it. 

2. If you've seen this movie before and got motion sickness, that was on purpose —the motion, not your sickness. The film was shot entirely with hand-held or steady cams. So every shot, intentionally, has some camera movement. 

3. Listen out for this tune called "Mama Tried" which is played several times throughout the film. It's a 1968 hit by this band called Merle Haggard and the Strangers (get it?). 

4. This script was originally called The Faces. Eh, we agree that The Strangers has a better ring to it.  

5. People tend to scream a lot when they're being terrorized (for fake) in movies. Too bad Liv Tyler suffered from tonsillitis while filming. Ouch.