Lessons From the Apocalypse: Chapter 9

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - 2:33pm
Between AftermathVan Helsing, and Z Nation we've learned a few things about how to handle ourselves when the world goes to crap. Whether it be the zombie apocalypse, the vampire apocalypse, or all the apocalypses, take these lessons to heart, because they could save you in a pinch.


Aftermath Episode 9

  1. Do-si-do


    Don't dance with strangers. They could be trying to stab you.


  2. D.N.A. 


    Don't let people lick your face-- because, ew. 


  3. In Sickness and In Health 


    When in doubt, punch someone in the face to regain control of the room. 

Van Helsing Episode 10

  1. Flirt


    ... because you never know when your last chance to get a little action might be.
  2. Never underestimate your opponent


    ... because you're just one stab away from losing the family jewels
  3. Sometimes the only way forward


    is to take one giant step backward.

Z Nation Episode 10

  1.    Pie is the ultimate aphrodisiac


    ... Murphy knows this. Why don't you?!
  2. Dont' play with flares


    ... kill with flares
  3.  Garden gnomes can be deadly


    ... but they're always super cute.