Aftermath Episodes



Sacrifices are made and lives lost in order to save the world. But are we just at the beginning of the end?


A potential savior for doomsday is found, but all hope might be lost when time and space begin to collapse.


With zero hour looming, new waves of disappearances bring more answers. But is it too late for one Copeland?


The Family Copeland have made it to Idaho, the fun capital of the end of the world. Some time to kill, they stop at the side of the road and go exploring into the woods. Their somewhat enjoyable picnic is interrupted by Dana and Brianna fighting — what else.


The Copelands are making their way to Idaho when they come to a blockade set up by a merry band of rabble-rousers. Karen quickly neutralizes the threat, wresting the gun out of the gang leader's grasp. Turns out, he's not just ANY gang leader. He's Grandpa Ewan…her dear old, estranged daddy.


As reality goes to hell, Karen finds herself on a bizarre journey that could hold the key to saving the world.


To save her family and the world, Karen must travel into an active volcano. Odds of survival: Not high.


While Josh gets a lead on stopping the end times; it's Karen vs. a rebel army. Plus: Not everything is as it seems.


Amidst new alliances and bizarre transformations, someone dies. Oh, and there's a man-eating giant plant.

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While Briana faces Skin Walkers AND a cult, the rest of the Copelands make disturbing discoveries at a local base.