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Get your safe words ready for a sexy report on corporate mergers. Plus, meet Drexx’s pal Lord Xenu!

The wall, the welfare queen, and a chef (Chris Parnell) cooks up the garbage humans call “food”.

What is 4/20 and why does it make humans giggle? Plus, a joyous celebration of Tax Day.

Drexx and Tuva visit the kingdom of The Masters! Then, a handy guide on how to probe yourself!

Where is Barack Obama? Who is The Spoiler? And what’s the deal with Drake?

Drexx and Tuva grapple with love, doping, and a very wordy segment name.

Drexx joins the gig economy, Tuva fights robot appropriation, and Stonehenge kicks ass.

Meet some special vehicles called “Indycars” and the grotesque pseudo-humans called “bodybuilders”.

Shocking reports on floating prisons, anti-poor fabrics, and a barbaric act known as ventriloquism.

Drexx and Tuva probe the Royal Family, fried chicken, and human arrogance totems, aka “Oscars”.