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A Very Norffy Gronksmas

S1 - E6 |
Aired: 04/06/2019
Where is Barack Obama? Who is The Spoiler? And what’s the deal with Drake? 21:45

A Bunch Of Space Bums

S1 - E5 |
Aired: 03/30/2019
Drexx and Tuva grapple with love, doping, and a very wordy segment name. 21:44

Simultaneous Vortex Exit

S1 - E4 |
Aired: 03/23/2019
Drexx joins the gig economy, Tuva fights robot appropriation, and Stonehenge kicks ass. 22:05

Udder Madness

S1 - E3 |
Aired: 03/13/2019
Meet some special vehicles called “Indycars” and the grotesque pseudo-humans called “bodybuilders”. 22:05

Ungrateful Wads of Protein

S1 - E1 |
Aired: 02/27/2019
Drexx and Tuva probe the Royal Family, fried chicken, and human arrogance totems, aka “Oscars”. 22:05

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