You may have heard the news, but SYFY Labs (our amazing new emerging technologies division) has partnered up with MakerBot, one of the industry’s leading innovators in 3D printing. It's super new and high tech and we've uploaded a bunch of printable files of exclusive 3D models via MakerBot’s Thingiverse, which is basically like amazon for 3D printing schematics. We've already uploaded 3D printing plans for ships and icons of our space opera epic The Expanse, an alien skull from Hunters, and and bunch of models from The Magicians, Killjoys, Dark Matter, Z Nation, Van Helsing and 12 Monkeys. It's almost like we're living in the future! If you've got a 3D printer (everyone will in 5 years. Guaranteed!), check out what you can already print up below:  Thingiverse


3D Printing Features


   12 Monkeys

You're already living in the future with your amazing 3D printer, why not build your very own time machine. Print up the 12 Monkeys time machine complete with chrononauts James Cole and Cassandra Railly. Just in! A wearable plague mask and bust of The Witness.

Check out our 12 Monkeys Collection


   Dark Matter

Celebrate all that is the sci fi space tale and print up your own Dark Matter logo.

Check out our Dark Matter Collection



The crown jewel of the SYFY 3D printing collection. The Hunters skull is perfect to practice your alien Hamlet monologue and will truly bring you into the world of Hunters.

Check out our Hunters Collection



While you could pick any color for the Killjoys logo, we think this royal blue is the perfect accent to any sci fi home decor.

Check out our Killjoys Collection


   The Expanse

Blast off with cutting edge versions of The Canterbury, The Donnager, The Knight, and The Rocinante. Round out your fleet with a life-like spaceman or woman, and Martian space helmet. Now updated for Season 2

Check out our Expanse Collection


   The Magicians

No it's not magic, it's 3D printing. The White Lady is the epitome of magic in Fillory, and now you can bring her to the real world

Check out our Magicians Collection


   Z Nation

Put the Z Wacker to good use with Addy going postal on a rogue Z

Check out our Z Nation Collection


   Van Helsing

Coronate The Rising with this classy bust of the vampire leader Dimitri.

Check out our Van Helsing Collection