What is Alexa? Well, if you have the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap or the Amazon Fire TV device, you know that Alexa is the brain behind those devices, the voice companion with the pleasant female tone that answers questions and responds to commands. Alexa is like a digital concierge to any of your internet queries.

SYFY is the first entertainment network to launch an Alexa skill, which allows you to interact with Alexa for immediate and exclusive news about SYFY’s shows simply by requesting it. For example, you can ask Alexa "What happened on the last 12 Monkeys?" or "What happens in the next episode of Hunters?" and Alexa will answer with the information you've requested. 

Developed by SYFY’s innovation lab SYFY Labs with NBCUniversal Media Labs, the new SYFY skill will give fans behind-the-scenes previews, scheduling and episode info – as well as plenty of “Easter Eggs” to discover.

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SYFY for Amazon Alexa Features


Skill: Schedule

Alexa has exhaustive knowledge of SYFY's schedule as far out as 14 days in th future. Plan your schedule and never miss the next episode of your favorite SYFY shows.



Skill: Recap

Alexa knows everything about the most recent episodes of current SYFY shows. If you need a quick refresher, just ask her what happened and Alexa will give you the lowdown.


Skill: Preview

Alexa can see into the future! Alexa is prepared to give you a quick sneak peek on the next episode of your favorite SYFY shows, all you have to do is ask!