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Conflicts flare among the Cylons as they confront the taboo mystery of the Final Five. 

The thin line that separates humanity from the rapidly evolving Cylons is redrawn as Starbuck returns from the dead with claims that she has found planet Earth. 


Wartime atrocities haunt Admiral William Adama, young Battlestar Pegasus officer Kendra Shaw, and her mentor Admiral Helena Cain.

As Gaius Baltar's trial takes one surprising turn after another, a series of coincidences creates new alliances aboard Galactica. 

The fleet's attention is riveted by explosive testimony as the trial of Gaius Baltar begins. 

Sabotage, dissention and unlikely alliances entangle Galactica as the fleet awaits the trial of Gaius Baltar. 

Galactica's top gun, Kara Thrace, finds herself on the edge of a nervous breakdown as she battles the emotional fallout from her captivity on New Caprica. 

Chief Tyrol's inner labor leader leads him to defy Adama and become the rallying point for a strike. 

A lull in the Cylon menace gives Galactica's crew a rare breather until a pair of desperate crewmembers becomes trapped outside an airlock. 

Racism, illness and murder run rampant as Galactica's medical team struggles to curb an epidemic triggered by Sagitarron refugees.