Watch Student-Created Syfy Animations

Friday, April 29, 2016 - 3:00pm

Syfy recently challenged students at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and to come up with their own network 'idents,' those little animated interstitals that occasionally pop up to remind you that you're watching Syfy.

And, we have to say, they did a pretty bang-up job. Check them out below.

  1. "Meteors Destroying a City," created by Alexa Johnson, Stasia Kasia, Mason Lytle, Stephanie Vasquez and Daniel Sellers:

    Meteors Destroying a City

  2. "Water City," created by Sabrina Brady, Jordan Hamann, Noah Lawrence-Holder and Bree Lindsoe:

    Water City

  3. "Birthday Party in a Bunker," created by Felicia Bartoli, Amanda Conley, Brandon Gillman and Danielle Rogers:

    Birthday Party in a Bunker

  4. "Woman Catching a Shooting Star," created by Cassondra Nelson, Casey Teunissen and Alexander Yang:

    Woman Catching Shooting Star

  5. "Tree Destroying a House," created by Crystal Clear, Nicole Hough, Erik Paulson and Dina Yous:

    Tree Destroying a House

  6. "Planting the Future," created by Peter Dronen, Rebecca Meyer, Anthony Peterson and Anna Taberko:

    Planting the Future