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Channel Zero: The Dream Door Premieres Later This Year

May 2 - 5:21 pm

Your day just got a bit creepier... Channel Zero is back for a fourth season and it now has an official title! 

13 Reasons Why Your Halloween Isn't Complete Without a Channel Zero Binge

Oct 30 - 3:53 pm

Now that you've finished binging Stanger Things Season 2, you're in horror withdrawal. We gotchu fam! Every episode of the first chapter of the Channel Zero anothology series, Candle Cove is available right now for the low low price of...

Good News: Channel Zero Gets Season 3 AND 4

Feb 9 - 5:02 pm

 Get more insight on the big news after the jump!


Channel Zero: Episode 6: Creepiest Moments

Nov 16 - 7:00 am

Can we all agree that the entire world of Candle Cove is terrifying? Okay, great.

Channel Zero: Episode 5: Creepiest Moments

Nov 9 - 7:00 am

This Just In: Channel Zero is creepy as hell. Here's the top 5 eerie moments from Episode 5 to prove it.

Watch An Episode of Candle Cove

Nov 7 - 1:47 pm

See the creepy puppet show that inspired our creepy show, Channel Zero.

Listen: Channel Zero’s Paul Schneider Interview

Nov 2 - 11:08 am

To celebrate all things spooky, Channel Zero’s Paul Schneider (Mike Painter) joined Blastr for the Who Won the Week podcast. 

Channel Zero: Episode 4: Creepiest Moments

Nov 2 - 7:00 am

These kids are killer and Jawbone's got all his eyes on us.