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The Magicians Writers' Room Blog: Episode 501

Jan 13 - 5:03 pm

"Is the answer to existence really 42?" Find out what other questions were pondered during the making of Episode 501.

Top 5 GIFable Moments from Deadly Class Episode 1

Jan 15 - 11:16 am

Here's the quality GIF content you need from Episode 1 of Deadly Class. Believe it or not, you can indeed relate to teen assassins. 

Channel Zero: Episode 1: Creepiest Moments

Oct 12 - 7:00 am

Channel Zero is chock-full of creepy ass moments but here's the top five from the premiere episode.

When 1/4 of a Ton Of Green Slime Isn't Enough

Jul 5 - 2:35 pm

That and more fun facts from Killjoys: Season 2, Episode 1.

Take the 12 Monkeys Season 2, Episode 1 Quiz

Apr 19 - 8:04 am

Let's see how closely you were paying attention.