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Happy VS Nick Episode 1

Dec 8 - 7:33 pm

Front and center of HAPPY! is the contrast between Nick Sax's garlic-infused soul and Happy's golly-gee can-do spirit! It's the perfect odd couple, buddy comedy. And we've got the gifs to prove it! Presented for your approval: It's Happy VS Nick. Scrooge VS Holiday Cheer.

This One Bar Has Everything You Need ... To Give a Big Middle Finger to the Holiday Season

Nov 28 - 8:47 am

Clear your calendar and buckle up buttercup because we're flipping the bird to the Holidays with our Anti-Holiday Bar. Did we mention there were free drinks? Glad we could get your attention.

Ridiculous, Vile, Demented, and Somehow Sweet. Welcome to HAPPY!

Oct 12 - 3:10 pm

Extra Extra!!! Read all about it! Critics have gotten their mitts on HAPPY! and the reviews are streaming in... 

“…the most insane television series ever made.”
Forbes (, Merrill Barr, November 13th

“…one of the most unique and eye-catching shows of this year, or...

Happy! comes to Syfy in 2018

May 11 - 12:54 pm

Christopher Meloni and a tiny winged blue horse named Happy are coming to Syfy.