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NYCC 2016 Articles

It's Wizarding Week on Syfy

Nov 14 - 12:00 pm

Wizards and muggles alike tell us what they like best about the world of Harry Potter ... and Fantastic Beasts!

The Expanse Writers on Season 2, Future Books and Kick-Ass Martians

Oct 14 - 5:00 pm

Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham spoke with our Blastr pals about the future of The Expanse.

More Mars! What to Expect in The Expanse Season 2

Oct 10 - 7:00 am

Find out what was revealed at The Expanse panel at New York Comic Con 2016.

Hoo-Raza! Dark Matter Panel at NYCC 2016

Oct 7 - 7:00 am

You didn't think Dark Matter was going to skip New York Comic Con, did you?

Chad L. Coleman Talks The Expanse, Arrow, The Walking Dead ... Whew!

Oct 7 - 7:00 am

Blastr talks to one of the hardest-working actors on the planet at NYCC 2016.

Get a Sneak Peek of The Expanse Season 2 at NYCC 2016

Oct 4 - 10:00 am

Don't miss The Expanse panel at New York Comic-Con on October 8.