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Aftermath Fun Facts: Season 1, Episode 1

Sep 27 - 7:00 am

Find out which two cast members besides Anne Heche and James Tupper had history before filming Aftermath.

5 Things To Know About Aftermath

Sep 21 - 7:00 am

Sure, you already know there’s gonna be lots of chaos and disaster but there’s other cool things you can expect from this new Syfy series when it premieres on Sept. 27th.

The Magicians: Less Ads, More F*cks

Sep 20 - 12:24 pm

Watch the TV-MA versions of Season 1 with basically no ads and lots more curse words.

4 Videos, Countless Terror

Sep 15 - 5:02 pm

Scare the sh*t out of yourself by watching these four Channel Zero sneak peeks.

Kick Ass!

Sep 13 - 11:54 am

Anne Heche and James Tupper chat with Den of Geek about kicking disaster’s ass in their upcoming Syfy series, Aftermath.