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See Big Show AKA Paul Wight in Tonight's episode of HAPPY!

Apr 17 - 6:56 pm

WWE's Big Show makes his big debut on tonight's episode of HAPPY!

Chris Meloni on HAPPY! Season 2: 'You Just Roll With the Madness’

Apr 10 - 2:34 pm spoke with HAPPY! leading man Christopher Meloni about what it takes to embody the beautifully bewildered Nick Sax, what it's like to choreograph insane action sequences, how he recruited the divine Ann-Margret, and which scene from Season 2 is his favorite so far. (His...

Sister, Sister The Van Helsing Edition

Nov 13 - 5:19 pm

Season 3 of Van Helsing has been has been chock-full of our favorite things: action, vampires and family bonding. You know what they say; sisters who slay together stay together.

Paul Wight Joins HAPPY! Season 2 Cast

Sep 25 - 6:31 pm

*Queue Entrance Music* WELL IT’S A BIG SHOW!!!!

Krypton Renewed for Season 2!

May 22 - 10:03 am

YAAAASSS! Krypton's renewed for Season 2, and we're absolutely pumped because after tomorrow's finale, we know we're all going to have a lot of questions!! Mainly, will Daron ever stop being such a sniveling sleaze bag - although we're pretty sure we know the answer to that one...


This Just In: HAPPY! Renewed for Season 2

Jan 29 - 1:25 pm

HAPPY! Season 1 finales Wednesday at 10/9c...but wait, there's more!

Watch The New Wynonna Earp Season 2 Trailer

May 24 - 5:54 pm

It’s about about to get WayHaught in here, June 9 at 10/9c!

Watch: An Ode to Drummer

Apr 28 - 12:57 pm

Can't get enough of The Expanse's fiercest badass? Then you need to see this!