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The Magicians: Long Live King Margo!

Apr 6 - 10:29 am

In celebration of the one an only Margo - a High King like no other.

Now Accepting Applications: The Magicians Trivia Challenge Skill for Alexa

Mar 9 - 3:55 pm

With magic gone, Brakebills has decided to open up applications to the public. If you own an Alexa compatible device, simply ask it to "enable The Magicians trivia challenge."

The Magicians: About Harriet's Backstory Sequence In Episode 8

Mar 2 - 1:11 pm

The Magicians Season 3 Episode 8 continues to push boundaries. 

It's Official! The Magicians Renewed For Season 4 In 2019!

Mar 1 - 4:32 pm

It's official! The Magicians has been renewed for a fourth season in 2019!

Marlee Matlin Talks ASL & The Magicians

Mar 1 - 10:56 am

F#$k yeah, diversity! This week we step inside Harriet's world - a world without sound that's still quite magicial.

The Magicians: A Questing Limerick

Feb 23 - 6:04 pm

Come hither Magicians, behold! I'll recap a story most bold. 

The Magicians: Days of Our Magic-less Lives

Feb 16 - 5:32 pm

With magic gone, the world is a bit dimmer. But fear not my fellow witches and wizards, you are not alone.

Your Week! As Told Through The Magicians 305

Feb 9 - 4:07 pm

Start you week off right with a gif for each day, brought to you in part by The Magicians.