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Magicians Writers on the highs and lows of the final musical episode

Mar 27 - 2:27 pm

Plus, find out which Magicians' real life wife choreographed this episode!

Hang In. Geek Out. And Download Exclusive SYFY Inspired Zoom Wallpapers

Mar 26 - 12:19 pm

Now you can carry the adventures of The Magicians, Wynonna Earp and more SYFY shows wherever you go. 

The Magicians Writers on characters who become friends and bromances

Mar 18 - 4:06 pm

Plus, here's why Brittany Curran (Fen) is all that and a bag of soup. 

7 Times The Magicians Hated Riddles But Solved Them Anyway

Mar 17 - 3:39 pm

Here, in no particular order, are some examples of our sassy crew's hatred for twisty trickster mind games.

The Broadway musical star who traveled to the Underworld for The Magicians

Mar 12 - 2:47 pm

Plus, how milkshakes and potato chips inspired the writers of this episode

SYFY Talks, Fashion, Fillory and Fun with a Magicians Costume Designer

Mar 11 - 8:24 pm

Ever wanted to step inside the creative mind behind some of Fillory's finest fashion? Well, now's your chance. 

The Iconic 90s band that inspired the making of The Magicians 509

Mar 4 - 4:07 pm

Get exclusive details from a Magicians staff writer on the making of the episode.

What Todd and watermelon have in common - Magicians writers tell all

Feb 19 - 1:39 pm

Step inside the creation of Episode 507, as told by Magicians writer, Dylan Cohen.