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The Magicians is Renewed for Season 2!

Feb 8 - 12:38 pm

The magic continues in 2017.

Inside The Magicians: Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2

Jan 26 - 7:00 am

Obsession, rejection and the secrets of floating sex (yeah, it's kinda our thing).

Inside The Magicians: Season 1, Episode 1

Jan 26 - 7:00 am

Find out how Alice and Quentin relate to magic and how Penny and Kady have air sex.

Inside The Magicians: Season 1, Episode 2

Jan 26 - 7:00 am

The world according to Penny: “Quentin's always wrong.”

Meet The Magicians and their Alter Egos

Jan 25 - 7:00 am

The Magicians premiers TONIGHT at 9/8c. Before the show's big debut, find out what our cast has in common with other characters in pop culture.

The Making of The Magicians

Jan 21 - 4:27 pm

Lights, cameras, assemble a crack team of producers, writers and actors and then...magic!

The Magicians Producer Explores the Sexier, Darker Side of Fantasy

Jan 19 - 5:39 pm

Behind every wildly entertaining series is a kick ass producer. Get to know The Magicians' Sera Gamble.