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Z Nation: Expect Even Crazier Zombie Action in Season 2

May 21 - 7:00am

Series creator Craig Engler talks with Dread Central about the upcoming second season of Z Nation.

Bitten Banter: Vol. 6 - Savannah Speaks

May 19 - 9:00am

Kiara Glasco (Savannah) dreams of being able to breathe underwater and expresses her affection for Stuffy the Critter (gross).

Bitten: Elena in Wonderland

May 18 - 9:00am

Elena's bad trip in Season 2, Episode 6 reminded us of a certain Disney animated classic. Feed your head.

Bitten Q&A: Season 2, Episode 6

May 16 - 6:35am

Aleister Vi has been quite the deliciously, wonderfully despicable big bad villain of Bitten Season 2, and now you can meet the man behind the male witch: Sean Rogerson.

The Syfy Stars Align at the 2015 Upfront

May 15 - 3:07pm

Look at all the Syfy stars that were at the Upfront yesterday! So many! So sleek!

The Magicians: Watch the Trailer

May 15 - 12:48pm

Fill the Harry Potter-sized hole in your heart with Lev Grossman's The Magicians

Childhood's End: Watch the Trailer

May 15 - 11:20am

Get in on the "peaceful" invasion of Earth with Syfy's adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke's classic novel.

Bitten: Don't Ever Ditch Your Kids

May 15 - 9:00am

Aleister is kind of messed up 'cause Ruth abandoned him the second he was born. Really, ditching your kids is never a good idea, as it usually comes back to bite you in the ass. Here are a few other shunned offspring.