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Helix: Top 13 Most Effed-Up Things About Season Two

Apr 9 - 3:11pm

It's been quite the lively tour through the island of St. Germain, filled with multi-generational incest, gunky yellow fungus, sibling rivalry, cannibalism, gas attacks, disfigurements and even a shower sex scene.

20 Matt Frewer Roles You Know & Love(d)

Apr 9 - 11:33am

If Olympus' Matt Frewer (Daedalus) looks and sounds familiar that's because he's appeared in EVERYTHING. See for yourselves!

Face Off: Our Top Looks: Season 8, Episode 13

Apr 7 - 5:11pm

Welcome back to Our Top Looks, where nobody on Face Off is a Top Look unless we say so! Unofficially, anyway.

The Faces of Face Off: Season 8, Episode 12

Apr 6 - 4:42pm

Just when we thought we were over being freaked out by the likes of Chucky and Annabelle, bam! Face Off comes up with an evil doll challenge and all that freakiness just comes roaring back in.

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck Bring Sci-Fi Thriller Pilot to Syfy

Apr 6 - 12:42pm

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are looking towards the future as the superstar duo will be bringing their science-fiction pilot, Incorporated, to Syfy.

12 Monkeys Episode #12: 5 Things We're Still Talking About

Apr 3 - 12:27pm

This version of the past was soooo good to watch we want to experience it again and again and ...

Matt Frewer and the cast of Olympus speak!

Apr 3 - 10:56am

Matt Frewer (Daedalus) and Tom York (Hero!) talk exclusively to 

Face Off Celebrates April Fool's on The Today Show

Apr 2 - 1:44pm

What better way to celebrate April Fool's than with a top-notch makeover ... conjured by a couple of Face Off alums?