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Helix: Important Eye Patched Characters

Mar 25 - 5:22pm

Soren's in good company when it comes to the ol' one-eye look. Here are some of our favorite characters that work the eye patch like nobody's business.

Face Off: Our Top Looks: Season 8, Episode 11

Mar 25 - 11:09am

What could've been a disaster in both concept and execution ended up being a cute, charming and inspiring ode to creativity.

The Faces of Face Off: Season 8, Episode 10

Mar 24 - 1:53pm

This week had the artists turning THEMSELVES into superhero (or supervillain!) alter-egos.

Haunting: Australia: Who's Who

Mar 24 - 11:35am

Meet the Haunting: Australia team, dedicated to unlocking the paranormal mysteries of this lovely continent.

12 Monkeys Episode #10: 5 Things We're Still Talking About

Mar 23 - 11:27am

The MOMENT of all moments - Ramse splinters!!!! Watch it now!

Helix: The Three Most Effed-Up Moments - Ectogenesis

Mar 20 - 1:41pm

These mycotics just get kookier.

Face Off: Our Top Looks - Season 8, Episode 10

Mar 18 - 12:42am

There was no distinction between artist and model on this week's episode of Face Off, featuring what McKenzie herself described as "the most daunting challenge" in the history of the series.

The Faces of Face Off: Season 8, Episode 9

Mar 17 - 1:31pm

The artists were each assigned a galaxy and charged with creating its beauty queen.