Get Trace Adkins' Defiance Song

Jun 19 - 7:28pm

The country star performed a special song for, and about, Defiance. Get it.

Defiance Season 2: Watch Grant Bowler on The Today Show

Jun 19 - 5:39pm

The Man Who Is Nolan talked Defiance Season 2 and more.

Defiance Game Adds Stahma Tarr

Jun 7 - 8:31pm

The Lady Tarr has made her way to the Bay Area.

Wonder Woman Fangrrls Sweepstakes

Jun 1 - 7:25pm


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June 2, 2017 — June 5, 2017


Join the Shadowy Chimera in Arktech Revolution Game DLC

Apr 18 - 8:53pm

The revolution is underway on console and PC!

Defiance Season 2: Linda Hamilton Arrives in Defiance

Apr 11 - 6:51pm

The Terminator 2 star arrives to 2047 - and she's got a surprising family connection.

Take a Stand in Gunslinger Trials Game DLC

Mar 23 - 7:46pm

Co-op Arenas are live on console and PC.

7th Legion Arrives in New Defiance Game DLC

Feb 7 - 6:22pm

Help the elite forces of Yoshida Hiro to liberate Paradise.