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Krypton's Colin Salmon Talks Filming Season 2 Episode 5

Jul 11 - 11:47am

The actor talks sparring with superman's grandfather and how fun it is to say, "Kneel before Zod".

SYFY Movie Marathon: Vampires & Demons & Witches, Oh My! 

Jul 10 - 1:10pm

This weekend, we've got all three Blade's on tap plus much more gore!  

The Official Killjoys Binge-Watching Reference Guide

Jul 10 - 12:28pm

Missed a season ... or two and need to catch up before Season 5 premieres? Fret not. We’ve got you covered! 

Krypton’s Shaun Sipos Talks Filming Season 2 Episode 4

Jul 3 - 2:03pm

The actor behind Adam Strange talks taking an El name, Tempe, Arizona and time travel.

Wynonna Earp Season 4 Will Return to SYFY in Summer 2020

Jul 2 - 2:45pm

Earpers rejoice! Your favorite Purgatorians are coming back!

Krypton's Blake Ritson Talks Filming Season 2 Episode 3

Jun 27 - 11:37am

The human behind the brain talks feeling like a myopic rhinoceros in his costume and why Brainiac is misunderstood.

Watch All 6 Seasons of Xena: Warrior Princess on !

Jun 25 - 12:46pm

Warriors rejoice! You can now watch every episode, featuring Xena and Gabrielle in all their glory, right here on for FREE!

Krypton's Emmett J. Scanlan Talks Filming Season 2 Episode 2

Jun 20 - 11:40am

The actor behind Lobo explores Irish Baptisms, Craptown the musical and "corpsing".