Welcome to The Blood Drive. Let's Just Say That Reactions Have Been Strong

Friday, May 5, 2017 - 16:47

We'll be ramming Blood Drive down audiences throats come June 14, and things are starting to heat up in the best possible way. You might be surprised to hear that reaction to our trailer, teases and key art has been, let's say, strong. Who would have ever imagined that a show about a cross-country orgy of sex and violence where the cars run on human blood, would be polarizing?

We've started a running talley of our favorite responses to get a sense of general fan sentiment, because love it or hate it, you will be entertained. 

We start off our journey into the depraved minds of our prospective fans with some straight up intrigue and adoration for Christina Ochoa.


Next up, Alan Ritchson, AKA Arthur Bailey AKA Ken Doll acknowledging the fact that NSFW is now a way of life.


Looks like someone attended one of our screenings.


We're sold too Jason Tomes, we're sold too.


Sick and twisted. Just like our souls.


Youtubers The Horror Show posted this teaser reaction to all of the teasers that we released. WTF! is an understatement.


Then there's this spicy article from Jalopnik. While they may take an overly literal view of why these cars run on human blood, they do bring up some valid points and comments:

  • You know what organic substance has a high energy density? Like, almost as high as gasoline? Fat. It would make so much more sense for these cars to run on fat.
  • Do the cars poop?
  • What happens to all the car poop?
  • I thought we made cars because we got tired of horse poop in streets?
  • Is there a method for collecting the waste and further turning it into energy?
  • You had me at “extremely blood filled gore fest.” It’s like Ash Vs. Evil Dead with more cars!
  • If blood is so valuable, why does this lady seem so willing to get it all over herself instead of taking care that it all makes its way into the car?
  • Is it just human blood? Can you feed a car a bag of hamsters? If so, how does Kia market the Soul in this world?
  • So electric cars are going to use humans like a AA battery Matrix style?
  • Wait a minute. This just gave me an idea. Is Blood Drive the origin story for Pixar’s Cars? It is, isn’t it?

All valid points! We're particularly drawn to the poop question. It seems like the most logical and pressing of the questions that would arise from finding out that there's a show about cars that run on human blood. This is an important question, to which we'll reference the developmental classic by Tarō Gomi Everybody Poops. Our answer is the same.


There's also a fine collection of youtube comments that we're partial to ...

Blood_drive _blog.png

And hope you brought some burn heal, because Google User just layed down a fire blast and it was super effective.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 3.10.53 PM.png


Get down and dirty and pumped up for June 14. Head over to the Blood Drive site for more videos and trailers.