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The survivors raid Heart Enterprises to stop the Blood Drive once and for all. Guess what they find?

Cyborgs, plot twists and, well, lots of blood collide in an epic battle. And it’s not even the season finale!

It’s a battle royale to name the new head of the Blood Drive, and, naturally, not everyone survives.

An idyllic town is anything but. To escape it, the drivers must turn to the last person they should.

Imagine going on a trippy vision quest in a Chinese restaurant. Well, watch this episode then.

The last thing Arthur and Grace expected was to get caught in a small town civil war. But they did.

There’s a new head of the Blood Drive, but the old one isn’t giving up so easily. Everyone duck.

Arthur and Grace get kidnapped by a tribe of homicidal Amazons. Do you really need anything else?

To save Grace's sister, Arthur makes a deal with the devil. Well, rather some crazy, sex-obsessed twins.

What do you get when you mix an insane asylum, psychedelic candy and someone named Rib Bone? This episode.