Channel Zero: Butcher's Block News

Channel Zero: The Dream Door Premieres Later This Year

May 2 - 5:21pm

Your day just got a bit creepier... Channel Zero is back for a fourth season and it now has an official title! 

Channel Zero: Butcher's Block Creepy AND Gross – Part 2

Mar 16 - 12:19pm

Channel Zero: Butcher's Block was off to a wild and gore-y start the
last time we left you, but it's nothing compared to the final three

Channel Zero: Butcher's Block - 15 Questions We Still Have After Watching the Season Finale

Mar 14 - 5:38pm

Did you just finish watching Channel Zero: Butcher's Block? Are you still feeling a bit nauseous and generally confused about what happened? Then, welcome, this is the place for you! Here are 15 questions that need answers!

1.    The Bloody Baptism


Channel Zero: Butcher's Block Creepy AND Gross – Part 1

Feb 22 - 4:55pm

Channel Zero: Butchers Block is a lot of things. Namely gross and creepy. Let us count the ways...