Channel Zero: Candle Cove News

Channel Zero: Episode 6: Creepiest Moments

Nov 16 - 7:00am

Can we all agree that the entire world of Candle Cove is terrifying? Okay, great.

Channel Zero: Episode 5: Creepiest Moments

Nov 9 - 7:00am

This Just In: Channel Zero is creepy as hell. Here's the top 5 eerie moments from Episode 5 to prove it.

Watch An Episode of Candle Cove

Nov 7 - 1:47pm

See the creepy puppet show that inspired our creepy show, Channel Zero.

Listen: Channel Zero’s Paul Schneider Interview

Nov 2 - 11:08am

To celebrate all things spooky, Channel Zero’s Paul Schneider (Mike Painter) joined Blastr for the Who Won the Week podcast. 

Channel Zero: Episode 4: Creepiest Moments

Nov 2 - 7:00am

These kids are killer and Jawbone's got all his eyes on us.

Channel Zero: Episode 3: Creepiest Moments

Oct 26 - 7:00am

Here's this week's creepiest moments, brought to you in part by fear.

Channel Zero: Episode 2: Creepiest Moments

Oct 19 - 7:00am

Feeding the tooth child and following a ghost - see what other creepy moments we clocked in this episode. 

Channel Zero: Episode 1: Creepiest Moments

Oct 12 - 7:00am

Channel Zero is chock-full of creepy ass moments but here's the top five from the premiere episode.