Channel Zero: Episode 1: Creepiest Moments

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - 07:00

Channel Zero is chock-full of creepy ass moments but here's the top five from the premiere episode.

1. Creepy Mannequin Cameramen


That awkward moment when you get a prank call from a creepily giggling child on the other end; followed up by the realization that you're the only one "alive" in the studio.

2. Kids See the Darnedest Things

When Mike asked, "What are you watching, Katie?" and a blank screen was revealed…yeah… good night, folks and thanks for dinner. Mike, we would have got the hell out of there, too!

3. TV Will Rot Your Brain
channel Zero-101-recap gallery-07_3.jpg

When the TV cut itself on as Eddie and Mike sat on their living room floor, that was creepy. But it was even more creepy when the two were locked in a trance-like state while watching Candle Cove.

4. Be Brave, But Not that Brave
channel Zero-101-recap gallery-11_3.jpg

We get that Mike was trying to play the hero and rescue Katie but lets say that we were taking a walk in the woods and came across this guy. Bye, Katie.

5. Brush Twice a Day and Pray
channel Zero-101-recap gallery-14_5.jpg

Katie lost a couple of teeth, which was no big deal, right? Right. But what WAS a big deal was that THIS guy came out from behind a rock to eat those teeth!

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