Channel Zero: Episode 5: Creepiest Moments

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 - 07:00

This Just In: Channel Zero is creepy as hell. Here's the top 5 eerie moments from Episode 5 to prove it. See the Season Finale of Channel Zero on Tuesday, November 15 at 9/8c.

Get Up

Seeing Mrs. Booth have a seizure was scary but it was even more scary when young Eddie looked at her and said "stop" …and she did. And then when he looked at her and said "get up" and …she did! Creepy.

Mrs. Jawbone-Booth

Holy Crap! Even though we knew she had it in her (example: slitting Daphne's throat and then serving hot coco, while also project managing tweens to kill Tim and Jessica) this Jawbone reveal was still a **major** shock to us.

Lunchtime Snack

The Sweater Set Sweetie strikes again. This time, she's serving up pie with a glock. How creepy would it be to come home and find Mrs. Booth in your kitchen?

Man in the Mirror 

Seeing Mike pull out his extra tooth with a pair of pliers was uncomfortable to watch. But what was even more uncomfortable was knowing that Eddie was trying to take over Mike's body, one extra tooth at a time. Yipes!

Dammit, Lily, Did You **Have** to Go Inside?

Oh dear, how's Mike going to get Lily out of this pickle? And is anyone else hoping that Lily being inside of Candle Cove is just some horrible, awful dream and not reality? Us too! Be careful, Lily!