Close Up Kings Episodes



All (TV) things must come to an end in the form of a season finale. The Close Up Kings have showcased their magic across the United States - and Canada! - and now they're winding down in Niagara Falls. The view from the Falls inspires Johnny to control the flow …of a water bottle.


Oh, Canada! Are you ready for the Close Up Kings? This week the artists treat the citizens of Vancouver to magic and themselves to the great outdoors. Before they become one with nature the Kings perform tricks using another form of green - money that is - as a prop.


The east coast magicians head to the west coast for a trip to the city of innovation - San Francisco. Here, the Close Up Kings plan to take inspiration from the past to improve their magic of today (their words, not ours).


On this episode of Close Up Kings Loki, Magick and Johnny Blaze head to Miami to work on their acts, check out the scenery and get better tans. Magick holds up a deck of cards in one hand and then keeps the other in his pocket.


On this episode of Close Up Kings the magicians trek to Arizona, home of the wild, wild west. While the guys are looking forward to expanding their horizons, a lack of props in the desert might pose a challenge. First up, the Kings head to Uptown Phoenix for some modern day inspiration.


This week the Kings head to Mobile, AL to experience the weird, the wonderful and shoot some rifles. Neither Loki or Johnny are good shots so when its Magick's turn he decides to use magic - duh - to make target practice more interesting.


The Close Up Kings travel to the Big Easy to showcase their skills while also getting a lesson in voodoo and jazz to boot! And since voodoo is all about energy, Loki decides to try out a trick that's based on spiritual touch.


Best friends and sleight-of-hand artists Magick Balay, Loki and Johnny Blaze perform in their hometown of New York City. First, they delight tourists in Times Square with their sleight-of-hand tricks then the guys hit their favorite pub, Blaggards for some fun pub magic.