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Girth Hemsworth (Liam McIntyre) and Wray compete for the role of Dr. Officer Blade Slater, Esq.
At the Ambivalence - the Uprising party, Wray is torn between supervising the cast of Spectrum and impressing Finley Farrow (Laura Vandervoort).
The gloves come off when the lost Hemsworth, Girth (Liam McIntyre), wanders out of the outback and into the running for the titular character in Doctor Cop Lawyer.
The cast of Spectrum reunites at Shock-A-Con and Jack asks Wray to keep an eye on them while he finishes securing financing for the Spectrum movie.
The Long Con boiler room traps more and more convention goes behind its self-locking door, providing Lou Ferrigno a cast for Of Mice and Men: The Musical.
Wray heads to the Long Con to help build awareness for Spectrum: The Movie but ends up locked in the boiler room with Lou Ferrigno.
It's a tough room at the auditions for Doctor Cop Lawyer: the casting director (Eliza Dushku) brings him in just before lunch, and Director Diego Alfonzo is video conferencing in with a poor connection.
When Bobbie gets Wray the audition for the role of Dick Trimmings, he seeks the assistance of his old friend, the 2nd-best Mo-cap artist in the world, Jerry Lansing (Nolan North).
Wray shoots a commercial to impress the director of Doctor Cop Lawyer, Diego Alfonso (Jon Huertas). Against the warnings of the Stunt Coordinator (Tahmoh Pinkett), Wray decides to perform his own stunts.
After firing his agents, Wray is forced to hire Bobbie (Mindy Sterling) to negotiate a cereal commercial on his behalf. Faith decides to get her shit in order.