Minute of Silence

In the future, Kiera waits in a back-alley "citizenship extraction" facility. The doctor performing the procedures suddenly wakes up in a hospital in present-day Vancouver, confused and upset with no memory of who he is. The only name he remembers is "Kiera Cameron."

At the precinct, Dillon, Kiera and Carlos return from Betty's funeral. Tensions are high when Carlos approaches Dillon about finding her killer, to which Dillon explains that it's no longer their call; internal (read: PIRON) will be handling her murder. Carlos calls out the way Betty's death has been handled by the department for the affront that it is. When words cuts too close, Dillon sends both Carlos and Kiera home for the day.

With her afternoon free, Kiera is paged to the hospital to meet the John Doe who knows her name. Sadly, she doesn't recognize him at all - but what's more concerning is that her CMR HUD doesn't register him at all. He is, for all intents and purposes, a ghost. With no other contacts or leads, and since her name is the only thing he can recall, John Doe is released to her.

Carlos meets with Other Alec at the abandoned warehouse where he still has Other Kiera's body locked in a walk-in freezer. There, Carlos shares his dirty little secret with Other Alec: "You and me? We're originals." Other Alec is shocked at discovering there was once two Kieras, and that the Kiera he knew and cared for (Other Kiera) is dead and gone. Worse yet, he's no longer sure he can trust the Kiera he knows now.
At a secret high-tech lab, a very nimble student parkours his way through the facility, disabling security checkpoints along the way. He makes off with an incredible item: an invisibility cloak.

With nothing to go on to jog John Doe's memory, Kiera calls Other Alec for help. He is instantly cold and aloof with her now that he knows about who she really is. As Other Alec ends his call with Kiera, he's approached by Kellog, who slaps him with a hefty lawsuit for breach of contract and non-compete clause when he left SadTech for PIRON. Once he gets to PIRON, Other Alec encounters roadblocks with his development of Halo. Even with Jason's future knowledge, he can only get so far. Even more troubling: three of Other Alec's lead engineers have been poached by Kellog to work for him at SadTech.

Kiera finally gets a lead on her John Doe: a hotel room paid three months in advance. When they arrive, nothing stands out for John Doe. While in the room, he notices a faded tattoo on his wrist. With the help of her CMR, Kiera determines they might be GPS coordinates. They head to the spot, a park, in the middle of town. At first, the area means nothing. Suddenly, John Doe has a glimpse of his own origins: the issue is that he's not lost geographically, rather - he's lost in time.

At the PIRON labs, the parkour student who stole the invisibility cloak ste
als one of Other Alec's Halo prototypes. When Kiera heads over to PIRON to investigate, Other Alec's increasing distrust of Kiera becomes more and more apparent. She finds a connection between PIRON and the other lab working on the invisibility cloak.
Back at John Doe's hotel room, Kiera confesses that she's in the wrong time, too. With no money and nowhere to go, John Doe must leave the hotel; Kiera offers her couch to the wandering, nameless time traveler - but only for the next three days.

At the precinct, Other Alec comes in to make a voluntary statement after Carlos hints that the PIRON theft was staged. Other Alec reaffirms his commitment to help people with his technology and that they're slowing down on paramilitary R&D for the time being to focus on Halo. He also mentions that anything connected to wifi is vulnerable to be watched and recorded. Dillon places a sheet of paper over his computer monitor. Meanwhile, it's revealed that Neelon is watching them through Dillon's computer monitor, viewing from an unknown location.

Kiera and John Doe unexpectedly encounter Curtis Chen, who immediately attacks Kiera. When she is knocked out, John Doe drops his cane (and his pronounced limp) and beats the hell out of Chen, sending him running. She awakens in her apartment; both John Doe and Carlos are there. Kiera believes that John Doe's limp healed itself with future injected nanotechonology activated by a surge of adrenaline from the fight with Chen.

Meanwhile, Other Alec agrees to buy back Kellog.

Following leads from earlier, Carlos takes Kiera to Grey Point Securities without a warrant. He's well aware of what line he's now just crossed, and is prepared to deal with the consequences. Once inside, they discover a comprehensive monitoring of the entire VPD precinct. Kiera's HUD picks up the parkour student hiding behind his invisibility cloak. He's caught trying to flee; they demand to know where Neelon (Betty's assassin) is. At the precinct, Dillon and Carlos question Neelon, who refuses to talk and demands a lawyer. Dillon answers his request with a solid fist right into Neelon's face.

At her apartment, Kiera rifles through John Doe's belongings, hoping to trigger something within her CMR. She finds a dog tag that creates a projection of a family. When John Doe sees this, he's left with more questions than answers.

Back in the present, Other Alec sneaks off to the abandoned freezer where Other Kiera's body is stored. With a bone saw, and in a flurry of bone and guts, he cuts into her skull. It becomes apparent that Other Alec will do whatever it takes to further the development of Project Halo.