Alex Mallari Jr.

Four AKA Ryo Ishida AKA Ryo Tetsuda.  Quiet, composed and deadly, Ryo has finally regained the throne he was robbed of. And he will do anything – including battle his old crewmates on the Raza – to maintain it.

About Alex Mallari Jr.

Born in the Philippines and raised in Scarborough, Alex Mallari Jr. grew up heavily involved in athletics. He achieved his black belt by the age of six and was a two-time Junior Canadian National Tae Kwon Do champion.

During his freshman year at the University of Toronto, Alex fell in love with acting and dove in head-first. Since then he has worked on Robocop, The Strain, Nikita, Beauty and the Beast and many other primetime television shows.

You can follow Alex on Twitter. @AlexMallariJr