Pre-Season 1

How The Raza Crew Got Together

Amnesia can be a bit complicated. Here's a list of events that happened BEFORE Season 1 started, which led to the crew of the Raza becoming the crew of the Raza. Translation: These are the backstories that led to the crew of the Raza getting together. 

Home Sweet Home
Marcus Boone Meets Sarah

Marcus Boone, the man we will come to know as Three, was a member of the rebellion against the corrupt Ferrous Corporation. He meets and falls in love with Sarah, a terminally ill woman. Sarah's frozen body is later found and revived by the amnesiac crew.

Catherine Moss is Murdered

Catherine Moss, the wife of Derrick Moss, the CEO of CoreLactic Industries and the man we will later know as One, is murdered. The main suspect? Marcus Boone.

Ryo Tetsudo Is Framed For Murder

Ryo Tetsudo, the man we will later know as Four, is framed for the murder of his father, the Emperor Ishida Tetsuda. The real culprit is Ryo's stepmother, who killed her husband so her own son, Hiro, could rise to the throne. Ryo goes on the run.

You Are Perfection
Alexander Rook Creates Rebecca

Alexander Rook, a mad Ferrous Corporation scientist, creates his masterpiece: Rebecca, a bio-engineered badass with super-strength, super-speed and super-healing ability. Rebecca later escapes from the Ferrous facility and reinvents herself as Portia Lin, a mercenary whom we'll later know as Two.

The Insurrection
Griffin Jones Becomes a Fugitive

Griffin Jones, whom we will later know as Six, is a member of the Procyon Insurrection, a rebellion against the Galactic Authority. Upon the Insurrection's stealing a Galactic Authority destroyer, a bomb was activated and killed 10,000 people on board a space station. Six had no prior knowledge of the bomb … but his corrupt superior, a man known only as The General, did.

The Call of the Raza

A group of mercenaries is gathered to take out an independent colony of miners for the Ferrous Corporation. Portia Lin, Marcus Boone, Ryo Tetsudo, Griffin Jones and a man named Jace Corso answer the call and prepare to board the Raza for the kill mission.

No, I’m Jace Corso
Derrick Moss Steals Jace Corso's Identity

How do you get on board the Raza in order to get to Marcus Boone, the number-one suspect in your wife's murder? High-tech futuristic plastic surgery, of course. Derrick Moss, Catherine's revenge-seeking widower, makes himself look like Jace Corso in order to get on the Raza and, hopefully, kill Marcus Boone. 

Das On the Run

Das, the young woman we will later know as Five, is a homeless teenager living on the streets as a pickpocket. Almost all of her friends are murdered by unknown forces after she steals a valuable key.

There Is No Sound
Das Boards the Raza

Das and her mortally wounded friend TJ sneak onto the Raza as stowaways. Marcus Boone finds Das and traps her in the airlock, threatening to shoot her out into space. TJ's body is later found by the amnesiac crew.

One Big Happy Family

Our six antiheroes wake up from cryosleep on board the Raza with no memory or who they are, how they got there or where they're going. The refer to each other by the order in which they were awakened: One (Derrick Moss, disguised as Jace Corso), Two (Portia Lin), Three (Marcus Boone), Four (Ryo Tetsudo), Five (Das) and Six (Griffin Jones). Adventure Time!

By the end of Season 1, we know that it is Five who wiped the crew's memories. But why? It might have something to do with a recording she found in which Two and Three discuss killing 'him.' Who is 'him'? Five's surrogate father figure, Six? One, because he's not who he says he is? Stay tuned!