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Choke on 'Em!

S1 - E10 |
Aired: 12/17/2021
Losing many of their own, the remaining survivors prepare for the ultimate showdown with the undead. 43:02

Death Comes to PayMart

S1 - E9 |
Aired: 12/10/2021
Cornered, the survivors seek any refuge, ultimately taking help from mysterious armed strangers. 43:25

To Anyone Who Can Hear My Voice

S1 - E8 |
Aired: 12/03/2021
The fortress of Paymart comes under siege as survivors are forced to fight for their lives or flee. 41:09

Their Evil Was Our Evil

S1 - E7 |
Aired: 11/26/2021
The survivors use a department store as a fortress as they face new threats from within. 43:19

The Lady Birders of Nepa

S1 - E6 |
Aired: 11/19/2021
The survivors hole up at a department store, the only place safe from the undead. 43:19

'Til the Dead Do Us Part

S1 - E5 |
Aired: 11/12/2021
People of Mawinaken flee the overrun town to escape the rapidly approaching undead. 43:19

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